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The Central Purpose of Education, Learning, and Collaboration should be to Mediate olunteer Evolution. In its current state, what we call Education is Leading Humanity towards Extinction.


RDF provides students from class 9 and class 10 and parents of Rohingya student in Arakan with finance those can’t effort the coasts of the preparation and the studies. [Islamic or Modern]


Please Note: For security reason, we do not mention specific name of schools,

Townships or villages and more importantly the name of students and name of their parents. If you wish to listen the gratitude of parents, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you videos we have from the parents of our students.


Students from class 9 10 in Arakan

Masjid [10-05-2018]

This is a temporary Masjid we have provided to the Rohingya Refugees sheltering at the H block of Nayapara Camp in Teknaf of Bangladesh. And we have also arranged an monthly paid Imam who is guiding 5 times daily prayer and occasional prayers for Rohingya Refugees.

Madarasa [20-08-2018]

This is a temporary Madaras/school we have provided just beside our Masjid mentioned above for the children of Rohingya Refugees sheltering at the H block of Nayapara Camp in Teknaf of Bangladesh. And we have also arranged two monthly paid teachers, one religious and one morden who are giving daily lesson of Islamic/Morden teaching to the Refugee children.